Interviews: Q&A with Councillor Ward 3 Candidates: Working with Second Councillor

Question 1d. How will you work with the second Ward 3 Councillor to ensure you coordinate your efforts and keep your constituents informed of relevant discussions and decisions?

Candidate Responses:
Clifford Atfield: Working with the second Ward Councillor should be no different than working with all the Councillors to come up with the right decisions.
John Bell: I will work with the 2nd Ward Councillor and all other Councillors in the best interests of the Ward and the County. I believe I can work with any of the other Ward 3 candidates and already do so with a number of them in other forums.
In leading business and project organizations in my working life it was clear that it was almost impossible to communicate too much – “Communicate, communicate, communicate” was the message.
I do not believe the current Council has tried to avoid communicating with residents but they need to recognize a growing sentiment amongst the community of “We, the Community, are not being communicated with enough and when we are we are being told after the event and after decisions have been made”. This Council has underestimated the energy needed to reach out to residents, the need for repetition and the need to employ more communication channels.
Personally, if elected a Councillor would use a combination of channels (as I did in my business life) – I would use social media (almost instantaneous), periodic written communications (quarterly general updates or targeted specific communications), quarterly town halls (and special town halls as needed) and regular and routine walk-abouts in the Ward and County.
I would expect that residents will also reach out to me on a wide range of issues. Communication has to be 2-way!
I would encourage my counterpart Ward 3 Councillor and the Council to use a similar approach.
John Peirce: Having worked with my Ward mate Murray Powell for the last term, we had ongoing discussions both at Council and Committee meetings, and connected when we were engaged by our community or individual constituents to ensure consistency in response and overall awareness of concerns.  My partnership in Council also extended beyond my own Ward, where I partnered with Will Bouma (Ward 1), Shirley Simons (Ward 2), Robert Chambers (Ward 4) and Brian Coleman (Ward 5) to move forward initiatives that benefited the entire County.
Myles Rusak:  I would like to have regular meetings with my counter-part where we discuss what we have been hearing from our constituents and have healthy discussions/debates over what we feel is the best way forward with the information we have at hand. I would like to see us go in to Council meetings prepared and on a unified front where we are both speaking with the same voice of our constituency. We don’t always have to agree on the issues, but dialogue and open discussion will lead to us being a unified front and not create any divisiveness within our Ward. I would also like to host joint Ward town hall meetings whereby the two of us could host information sessions and engage with our stakeholders in a meaningful, public way.
Edith Stone: Response not yet received.
Marty Verhey: As your Councillor, I will work cordially with whoever the other Councillor is. We have full time jobs and our County is set up with a part time Council so having 2 Councillor lightens the load and as such Ward Councillors need to work together.

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