Interviews: Q&A with Ward 3 Councillor Candidates: Improving Communications

Question 3 a. How would you see improving communications with residents, both with Council and County Staff?

Candidate Responses:
Clifford Atfield: To be there 24 hours a day to find the answers and information that residents want. Councillors have to realize they are the link between Council and County Staff.
John Bell: Please see my answer to Question 1d.
John Peirce: With changing demographics in the County, there needs to be a reflection of preferences in terms of communication method to improve effectiveness. Like many others I prefer electronic communications yet this may not be a preferred or effective method for all. It is our responsibility to both acknowledge this and provide alternate options for our community as we see with many large client-facing companies (Rogers, Bell, Energy+, and Union Gas, etc.). The increased online engagement during this election was made possible by social media. Leveraging these channels to keep the constituents engaged through a County-managed forum will help support the transparency and interaction I feel is required. Additional community in-person engagement will improve with coffee chats, Ward and County-wide town halls and improved engagement with our County Staff and committees. We need to ensure that questions and concerns directed to Staff are responded to in a very timely matter to ensure the people that 1) their question/concern has been received 2) it is being worked on (and what is being done) and 3) resolution and appropriate closure of interaction.
Myles Rusak: – Scheduled office hours where constituents know they can reach me.
– A policy of call/emails being returned within 24 hours
– Engage my fellow Ward 3 Councillor to help bridge communication gaps
– Quarterly town hall meetings with the Ward to discuss developments, activities and concerns
– Better utilize a combination of modern technology and traditional media to ensure communication is distributed to as many constituents as possible
Edith Stone: Response not yet received.
Marty Verhey: I would develop an easy way to keep lines of communication open as your Councillor. This can be done with a website dedicated to Ward 3 where constituents can source information, sign up for mailings and contact me. More importantly, I will meet with people. I am a Human Resources Manager and I meet and talk with people every day to solve problems, talk through issues, brainstorm solutions, create plans for tomorrow and follow up on progress. This is the way to do it RIGHT!

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