Interviews: Q&A with Ward 3 Councillor Candidates: Last but not least – Anything else to add?

Question 3 b. Do you wish to add any further comments?

Candidate Responses:
Clifford Atfield: No additional comments submitted.
John Bell: Previous Councils have done a number of good things (e.g. boundary adjustment, the 403 Business Park) and have made sound decisions to benefit the future of this County (e.g. agreeing to build a new Community Health Hub, the sale of BCP). However, I believe the current Council has stalled in terms of ideas to move the County forward and have failed to properly plan around and for the explosion of residential development in Paris and to plan forward for future economic growth. The Council seems to be off the pace and poor planning and insufficient leadership are at the heart of this.
I was a Business Planner and major Projects VP for a major blue chip company in my working career – I have managed large operating and capital budgets and organizations. I’m now retired and active in the community. I have the time and energy to drive, with other Councillors and the Staff, a more effective agenda for the County.
On a lighter note, I would end with a quote from Mark Twain – “Politicians and diapers should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason”.
John Peirce: I continue to have a very strong desire to give back to the Community and I want to continue to work for YOU!!
You put your trust in me in 2014 and I dove in with two feet as I promised I would. These past four years have been a great learning experience and I can say confidently that every decision I made was done with the best interest of the County in mind. My passion for our community runs deep and my dedication and ability to get things done even deeper. This is my home, my Ward and my community and will do whatever I can to help make it a better place.
THANK YOU for your support in 2014. I am looking for your support again on October 22nd to allow me to privilege of continuing to work for you.
My Philosophy is to be honest with people. They may not always like the truth but they know that’s exactly what it is – the truth. You can bank on the fact that when I say something, I mean it and I will have done the research / homework to be able to stand by it. Thanks, John
Myles Rusak: Change is indeed coming. The very fact that so many people have taken the time to say “I want to be a part of this change, and I want a seat on Council to make it happen” is indicative of this desire to see
things improved. As a leader in the non-profit/charitable industry, have spent over 15 years advocating on behalf of my stakeholders. I have developed the
skills to listen to community need and find solutions which are in the
best interest of the organization and the people it serves. As a result I
have witnessed first hand the positive, results driven successes that are possible.
These are the skills that I would like to bring to the table as your Ward 3 Councillor. I do hope to earn your trust and carry your voice loud and clear to the planning table of our beautiful community.
Please, come October 22, make sure you are out there voting. An “X”in a box is the most important thing that you can do at this time in our County’s development. Thank you everyone.
Edith Stone: Response not yet received.
Marty Verhey: No additional comments submitted.

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