10 Really Good Reasons to Vote

If you are wondering why you should make your way to your local polling station on Monday October 22, 2018, here are 10 reasons.

1) Every. Single. Vote. Counts.

Seriously, this is not just a slogan.
There are some pretty amazing examples of how a single vote (or just a small number of votes) makes a difference:
10 Elections Decided by One Vote (or Less)
Judicial recount results arriving after narrow election wins
And let’s not forget our most recent provincial election:
Bouma wins tight Brantford-Brant race
Go Vote!!

2) Municipal government affects everyday life in tangible ways.

County of Brant Council makes decisions about (in no particular order) healthcare facilities, roads, water, recreational programs, sidewalks, speed limits, policing, streetlights, libraries, museums, County parks & trails, residential and industrial development, childcare, before- and after-school programs, snow clearing, demolition/preservation of buildings, affordable housing, seniors programs, noise by-laws, dog licensing, animal shelters, recycling, zoning (land), sanitary waste/sewage treatment, garbage collection and disposal, landfill site/the dump, municipal tax rates and… You get the idea.
This election decides who will be making decisions, setting budgets and policy about all of this stuff for the next four years. Go Vote!!

3) You have no right to complain for the next 4 years

That’s right, unless you vote, you are forfeiting your ability to have a say in the decisions made about all of the things on that list in point 2. And that is not a comprehensive list. Go Vote!!

4) People, including many, many Canadians have made some huge sacrifices, including their own lives to protect our rights and our quality of life.

This includes our right to vote. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that right. In some places people are being deleted from voter lists and being actively prevented from voting. Exercise your precious right. Go Vote!!

5) Voting is a simple way to participate in your community and it makes you feel good.

You get one vote for mayor and two votes for Councillor. Also, if you are an English public school supporter you also get two votes for School Trustee (English Catholic School Trustee was acclaimed). Go Vote!!

6) Let’s break that pattern…

Voter turnout for municipal elections is typically very low – somewhere between 25-45%. In the 2014 County of Brant Municipal election a total of 9436 votes were cast for the Mayoral Candidates.
According to the County of Brant the numbers of electors for the County of Brant (as of August 30, 2018) are:
Ward 1: 5881, Ward 2: 4802, Ward 3: 4194, Ward 4: 5577, Ward 5: 5994
Total: 26,448 voters
Go Vote!!

7) If you are not sure who the candidates are or what their platforms are, we are very glad you are here!

This independent website has been created – by residents for residents – specifically to make this information available in one place. You can find out which ward you or your friends live in, read interviews with Candidates from Ward 2 or Ward 3 and you can even watch some videos of Candidates for Mayor, Ward 1 and Ward 5. Browse this site. Check out their Facebook pages and websites. Then Go Vote!!

8 ) Not sure where to vote?

Click here to find out where and when you can vote

. Then Go Vote!!

9) Younger voters tend not to vote as much as older voters.

Isn’t it better if we have a balanced turnout of people of all ages making all these decisions?
Go Vote!!

10) Be a great example.

If you are a parent of young children, bring your children with you to vote. If you have children who are of voting age, bring your children with you to vote. It helps establish the idea in children that voting is important if they see you vote and you encourage them to vote once they reach voting age.
Go Vote!!
PS: When you do Go Vote, on Monday October 22, 2018, make sure you bring ID that has your address on it.
What ID to bring?
List of acceptable identification to bring with you to vote

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