Q&A with GEDSB School Trustees: Priorities, Challenges, Qualifications, Community Involvement

Please Note: The questions below were presented to the Candidates by the organization Folkin' Vote, thus some responses required responses related to Norfolk County. It is fair to say the Candidates would respond similarly with regards to questions about Brant County. Q4. What are your priorities in these areas: The School board As a trustee... Continue Reading →

Q&A GEDSB School Trustee Candidates: Who do you represent – school system or community? How to support Inclusiveness & Diversity? Meeting needs re: Health Curriculum

Q1. Do you see yourself as representative of the community or as a representative of the school system? Responses: Rita Collver: I believe my role as a Trustee is to serve and help families, students and community in the education of our children. I am committed and responsible to bring issues/concerns to the board. Christina... Continue Reading →

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