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Interview with Ward 5 Councillor Candidates: Brantford Expositor

Our Independent Interview Procedures:

Our goal with the interviews is to provide an opportunity for residents to understand a little better what each of the Councillor Candidate’s views are about the issues, and their ideas and suggestions for moving the County of Brant forward. We have found it difficult to learn much about these Candidates through other channels, so we went directly to the Candidates to see what we could find out.
Originally, in late August and the first week of September 2018, three residents of Ward 2 met individually with the active Candidates for Councillor for Ward 2. Each candidate answered the same set of questions. Through the process of each of those interviews, the Candidates described many of their ideas and concerns that they see as important to Ward 2 residents, Paris and the County of Brant. All of their responses and comments were documented, compiled and reviewed/approved by the candidates. Initially the interviews were shared as files.

A big reason we created this site was was to facilitate sharing these interviews

Shortly after the ‘Meet the Councillor Candidates’ evening in Paris (Sept 11, 2018) Myles Rusak, one of the Candidates for Councillor for Ward 3, initiated a discussion with us because he was very keen to have the Ward 3 Councillor Candidates answer a similar series of questions to those we asked the Ward 2 Candidates. In response, we worked with Myles to distribute a slightly modified series of questions to all of the Candidates and collect their written responses. Their responses are posted here as soon as possible after we receive them.
Exciting News! In response to a request by a concerned resident of Ward 1 we are pleased to say that we have broadened our coverage! The procedure we used was similar to Ward 3 – in this case we worked with a Ward 1 resident to distribute a series of questions to each of the Ward 1 Candidates for Councillor and collect their written responses. The responses we received from the Ward 1 Candidates are posted here.

We hope you find these interviews with the Candidates are very informative.

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