Interviews: Q& A with Ward 1 Candidates for Councillor

NEW! On Oct 1, 2018 the Brantford Expositor published interviews with the Ward 1 Candidates.
John Monkhouse of did a Facebook Live interview with the Ward 1 Candidates on Oct 4, 2018

Separately from the work of the Expositor, we worked with a concerned resident of Ward 1 who provided each of the Ward 1 Councillor Candidates with the list of questions below, and asked the Candidates to submit their written responses. (No in person interviews were completed – this is similar to the approach we used for Ward 3.)
To date (Oct 2, 2018) we have received responses from Candidates Willie Morley and John Wheat. We will post the responses from the other Ward 1 candidates, John MacAlpine and Nick Quail when we receive them.
Please remember that you can also contact the candidates directly with your questions.

Q & A for the Ward 1 Councillor candidates:

(Click on the Question to see the Responses)
Question 1a. What are the roles of a Councillor?
1b. How do you see yourself managing/meeting electors’ expectations versus the demands in the legally mandated policy-making and stewardship requirements of the positions?
1c. What are the benefits to residents of having 2 Councillors represent them?
1d. How will you work with the second Ward 1 Councillor to ensure you coordinate your efforts and keep your constituents informed of relevant discussions and decisions?
Question 2a. What do you see as the top issues facing the County as a whole and Ward 1 in particular?
2b. Divisions are developing in Wards on how to handle significant changes that are coming with the current and planned growth in the County. How would you along with the new Council work to mitigate residents’ concerns and divisions?
Question 3a. How would you see improving communications with residents, both from Council and County staff?
3b. Do you wish to add any other comments?

Visit Ward 1 Candidates for Councillor Main Page

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